The Future of Digital Dental Technologies

Hi Dental Tweeps,

This week I attended the Future labs event in Weybridge, Surrey hosted by Blueprint dental to find out what the latest technology is available now to the dental technician and surgeon. I have been in the dental business since I left school at 16 to become a dental technician and it has come along a long way from making Shillac trays and casting models. The industry moving so fast is one of the reasons I started the Dental Talk Show. In my latest episode I wanted to do a dental products review of the latest in cadcam and 3D printing. Now there is no need to take impressions, no need to cast models and even no more manufacturing the prosthesis by hand. The Medit scanner can scan in 16 seconds and not only scan from a model but from an impression as well. Why bother buying plaster? It amazes me that we are producing models with removable dies and 3d printing is doing such intricate, accurate work. A lab now is such a clean working environment then from back in the day when I was doing it. I still have my dirty apron just in case I get back to the bench at some point. The next steps will be the materials you can 3d print. Imagine when we get to a point its not only bio compatible but actually producing and building up human cells, bone or tissue!

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