Dental Talk Show meets The Creative Composite

Hi Gang

So in the latest Dental Talk Show episode I got to speak with Hassan the Inbound marketing expert for The Creative Composite. A company that can help your dental practice get noticed and keep your books nice and busy. Hassan gives you 3 tips which surprisingly most dental practices do not follow on SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) and Dental Marketing.¬† It surprises me with todays technology why dental practices don’t see the importance in social media, you tube videos and online marketing. You have to connect with your customer base and like Hassan said if you aren’t someone else is. So enjoy this episode and ill catch ya next time!!!

Host Nick Peters talks to Hassan from The Creative Composite about Dental Marketing and SEO tips that can be implemented at your dental practice.
The Creative Composite
20 Windermere Drive
Bury, BL9 9QF

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