BTI Day 2015

Hi Peeps Last weekend was the bti (BioTechnology Institute) day 2015 which took place at the Royal College of Physicians, London. Dr Eduardo Anitua the founder of bti and pioneer of PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) Technology was here to talk about some of the latest studies and innovations […] Read more »

To Be A Dentist!!!

  My good friend and dental technician Simon WhiteHouse (AKA Buster Bojangles)  Has recorded a song for me. Aptly he sings “To be A DENTIST” from Little Shop of Horrors. I think its brillz and if you want to Hire Buster Bojangles for your parties check him out here… […] Read more »

Treatment Co-Ordinator Training

On this weeks Episode Tracy Stuart (NBS Training) is back to give you advice on a TCO’s role and how they can help you in communicating the many options your dental practice has to offer!!! Thanks again to Jordan & Jae as they have catapulted the Dental Talk Shows ratings […] Read more »

New revolution in dental Implant surface

The surface of the new range of UnicCa® implants by bti is chemically modified with calcium ions. The calcium ion fulfils decisive functions during all the biological processes of bone regeneration. Adhesive and platelet-activating Reduces regeneration times Osteogenic Induces the formation of bone tissue Procoagulant Provides instant stability Antibacterial Significantly […] Read more »

CQC Charges

The introduction of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to the dental profession was not without controversy. The administrative burden placed upon the profession seemed excessive and was compounded by hefty fees. Paying for self-regulation has always been a significant part of being in a profession; however, with the growing role […] Read more »

Happy New Year everyone.

Hi Dental Tweeps. Thank you for all your support this year and watching my little show and visiting this website. Its just me so I am doing my best to update peeps on the dental industry at large with the latest news, products, and surgical techniques that interest me. However […] Read more »