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So in the latest Dental Talk Show episode I got to speak with Hassan the Inbound marketing expert for The Creative Composite. A company that can help your dental practice get noticed and keep your books nice and busy. Hassan gives you 3 tips which surprisingly most dental practices do not follow on SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) and Dental Marketing.  It surprises me with todays technology why dental practices don’t see the importance in social media, you tube videos and online marketing. You have to connect with your customer base and like Hassan said if you aren’t someone else is. So enjoy this episode and ill catch ya next time!!!

Host Nick Peters talks to Hassan from The Creative Composite about Dental Marketing and SEO tips that can be implemented at your dental practice.
The Creative Composite
20 Windermere Drive
Bury, BL9 9QF

BTI Day 2015

bti day tweetHi Peeps

Last weekend was the bti (BioTechnology Institute) day 2015 which took place at the Royal College of Physicians, London. Dr Eduardo Anitua the founder of bti and pioneer of PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) Technology was here to talk about some of the latest studies and innovations from the institute. PRGF is an evolution from PRP’s in the use of blood plasma to help regenerate and accelerate the bodies healing processes. Dr Anitua is the main figure in refining the protocols to isolate and concentrate the blood proteins in which to effectively use in oral surgery to stimulate the tissue regeneration process by applying autologous proteins. The benefits of PRGF being faster healing, less swelling to the patient and giving you a better alternative then using bio materials.

Also at the bti day Dr Anitua and the team unveiled their latest innovations in the area of Sleep Apnea. A sleep study device and softaware for dentists to run their own Sleep Studies. Also Device solutions to bring the mandible forward and allow normal breathing during sleep. Sleep Apnea is a undiagnosed massive problem which dentists can really help in.

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The Future of Digital Dental Technologies

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This week I attended the Future labs event in Weybridge, Surrey hosted by Blueprint dental to find out what the latest technology is available now to the dental technician and surgeon. I have been in the dental business since I left school at 16 to become a dental technician and it has come along a long way from making Shillac trays and casting models. The industry moving so fast is one of the reasons I started the Dental Talk Show. In my latest episode I wanted to do a dental products review of the latest in cadcam and 3D printing. Now there is no need to take impressions, no need to cast models and even no more manufacturing the prosthesis by hand. The Medit scanner can scan in 16 seconds and not only scan from a model but from an impression as well. Why bother buying plaster? It amazes me that we are producing models with removable dies and 3d printing is doing such intricate, accurate work. A lab now is such a clean working environment then from back in the day when I was doing it. I still have my dirty apron just in case I get back to the bench at some point. The next steps will be the materials you can 3d print. Imagine when we get to a point its not only bio compatible but actually producing and building up human cells, bone or tissue!

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To Be A Dentist!!!


My good friend and dental technician Simon WhiteHouse (AKA Buster Bojangles)  Has recorded a song for me. Aptly he sings “To be A DENTIST” from Little Shop of Horrors. I think its brillz and if you want to Hire Buster Bojangles for your parties check him out here…


Treatment Co-Ordinator Training

On this weeks Episode Tracy Stuart (NBS Training) is back to give you advice on a TCO’s role and how they can help you in communicating the many options your dental practice has to offer!!!

Thanks again to Jordan & Jae as they have catapulted the Dental Talk Shows ratings and introduced younger dental professionals.

Hope you enjoy the episode, Catch ya Next Time!!!1 Nick xxxx